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Design Charrette

Large projects can drag on and on due to indecision and disagreement, resulting in wasted time, dissatisfaction, even potential loss of funding.

You can eliminate delays with MDG’s design charrette process. The design charrette gathers key users and stakeholders together for a focused, multi-day work session to develop a customized conceptual design. Beginning with broad ideas and multiple rough layouts, the design is honed as preferred elements from all layouts are combined until a final design emerges which incorporates the best elements from all previous versions.

The design charrette:

  • Brings stakeholders together to brainstorm ideas
  • Is facilitated by MDG so that all stakeholders can participate
  • Builds consensus for a concept in a short period of time
  • Minimizes downstream issues and conflicts
  • Makes key leaders, users, and staff advocates for the project

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