CU Bus Transit Grand Opening

City Utilities (CU) Transit’s new Transit Center Grand Opening is slated for May 6th, 2016.   The new facility located in Springfield, Missouri, in the West Downtown area replaces an aging and undersized transfer facility in the downtown area.  The new facility includes 12 bus berths, patron parking, taxi berths, Private Commuter bus staging and loading berths and a modern Passenger Waiting Facility.  The Passenger Waiting Facility includes such amenities as passenger information displays, restrooms, and ticket sales kiosks.   The facility also includes bus operator break areas and restroom facilities.  With safety a key design criteria, the bus berths are designed for “no-backing” and include covered passenger waiting and loading areas.  These same canopy covers also direct rain water back away from the bus berths to integrated storm water management Rain Gardens.

The sustainable facility also includes low water use fixtures, LED lighting and sustainable and native plantings in the rain gardens.  MDG provided the facility programming, function planning, and bus berth and bus flow design, along with the information systems infrastructure design.  The facility is also designed to accommodate the most modern passenger information systems with advanced exterior grade remote messaging and route data displays.

The new Transit Center was constructed on a vacant parcel, is a key element in the planned Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the burgeoning North Main/West Downtown area. An area that is seeing revitalized interest and growth.

MDG provided planning and functional/operational layout of the transit center and the integration of passenger information systems at the bus berths.  This is the second project MDG has completed with HDesign and City Utilities (CU) Transit.   MDG was also the primary functional and equipment consultant for the Boonville Bus Maintenance Campus Expansion Project completed in 2013.

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