MDG Delivers Innovative Design for Metro’s Division 13

A new bus maintenance and operations facility was added to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) with the hopes of providing a more sustainable and innovative facility. In doing so, Maintenance Design Group (MDG) had the primary role in designing the LA Metro Division 13 Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility. MDG’s design team took on the challenge of planning and programming this multi-level facility. Among the many highlights of Division 13, there are two that really shine: the functional layout of the facility and its urban design.

One of the key points in designing this facility was to make sure every space in the building was being used in some way. Despite the small usable footprint on 7.4 acres, MDG designed a multi-story facility that meets functionality both vertically and horizontally in order to meet this key point. Aside from it being a bus maintenance facility, Division 13 also consists of parking for Metro employees and visitors, a fitness center, and a green roof on the transportation building. This green roof was created to really enhance the idea of using natural resources and having sustainable design.

Along with having a functional and efficient layout, Division 13 was designed within an urban setting. This was an innovative way to produce an aesthetically pleasing bus garage. Unlike other multi-story maintenance facilities, Division 13 was designed to be a building that everyone can approach and be a part of. Not only did MDG consider all Metro employees and visitors, but they were also sensitive to how their design would look when added to the community.

MDG’s contribution helped LA Metro gain a new downtown gem that exemplifies functionality, sustainability, and creativity in one beautiful facility.