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2 days ago

Electric buses are joining the Park City fleet! MDG is excited to hear about this sustainable choice! MDG previously undertook the Ironhorse Transit and Public Works Operations Facility project as part of the Design Team. Read more about Park City’s electric additions here! http://newsmanager.commpartners.com/aptapt/issues/2017-07-21/3.html

3 days ago

Want more MDG? Take a look at our new corporate brochure! http://online.pubhtml5.com/ukxk/gslb/#p=1

6 days ago

What’s NEWS at MDG? Read more about current MDG and industry topics in our August newsletter! http://conta.cc/2uCTfYg

1 week ago

Read more about how public transportation helps community members achieve independent living at this interesting Voices for Public Transit link! #mobility #bus #advocate #rail #publictransportation #community #MDG http://voicesforpublictransit.org/blog.aspx?id=07-20-2017

1 week ago

Don Leidy, MDG’s Managing Principal, offered insight on planning and design for maintenance facility in July’s issue of Fleet Maintenance Magazine! Read the article for Don’s insights into essential considerations for maximum functionality in maintenance facility design! http://epub.southcomm.com/fms/2017/FleetMaintenance_July_2017/index.html#/22/

2 weeks ago

Young people often rely on public transportation or choose where they live based on access to good, reliable public transportation. MDG helps transportation organizations ensure their vehicles are running efficiently and effectively to take these young riders where they need to be! Read more interesting facts about young rider trends here: http://www.uspirg.org/blogs/blog/maf/millennials-want-more-public-transportation