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Industry Insights

A Beginner’s Guide to High Speed Rail Advocacy

Learn facts and figures about high speed rail in this intriguing presentation created by MDG Managing Principal, Don Leidy.

What You Need To Know About HSR

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Real World Tips for Maintenance Facility Design

Get the inside scoop on the challenges and pitfalls commonly encountered when building or renovating your maintenance facilities. Avoid them on your project with the help of these Real World Tips.

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Rulebook for Facility Design

Are you starting a new project to build or expand your agency’s maintenance facility? Is this the first time you will be undertaking the design and construction of a building project? Here are some helpful tips to get started on the right foot and design a facility that works!

Using MDG’s Rulebook for Facility Design, you can quickly gather preliminary information that will help ensure you have a good idea of what type of space, equipment, and systems you’ll need. You can also make some preliminary calculations on estimated facility costs based on the size of your fleet. You have the information you need at your fingertips to build a solid and realistic plan.

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State of Good Repair – Facility Maintenance Plans

Don Leidy presented to the APTA Bus Technical, Maintenance and Procurement Workshop in October 2010 on how a comprehensive Facility Maintenance Plan can help building operators maintain their facility assets in a State of Good Repair.

This presentation will discuss:

  • The Types of Maintenance Programs
  • Hidden Costs and Potential Savings of a Maintenance Plan
  • Creating a Facility Maintenance Plan
  • Condition Assessment of Assets and Long Range Capital Budget Planning
  • Capital Asset Replacement Schedules
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