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California State University Fullerton Physical Plant Facility Master Plan

Fullerton, California

California State University Fullerton initiated an upgrade to the campus infrastructure to support all of the existing and future buildings. The Physical Plant, the heart of the infrastructure, houses all of the staff and required shops to maintain the buildings and grounds of the campus, but exists in 1957 temporary buildings slated for replacement.

A challenging piece of this project was accommodating all of the program elements into a University campus landscape. Site screening for unsightly yard materials and attractive building facades were used to integrate this facility into the campus. To accommodate a truck loading dock on the site with limited access required creative site circulation solutions to eliminate non-university truck traffic driving through the campus.

Project Highlights
• Facility to provide visual interest to fit into the campus architecture.
• Shared shop facilities to reduce duplicated spaces and maximize staffing efficiency.
• Phased construction to keep the facility operational during construction.

Services Provided
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

60 vehicles

Site Size

2.9 acres

Facility Size

52,400 square feet

Construction Cost

$13,300,000 (estimated)