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Cashman Equipment Company Caterpillar Dealership

Henderson, Nevada

Cashman Equipment is the largest Caterpillar dealership in Nevada. They provide parts sales, new equipment sales, rental equipment, and service for all Caterpillar engines and drive trains for construction equipment, semi-trucks, buses and generator sets. Cashman Equipment’s previous facility in North Las Vegas was becoming too small and inefficient for their growing operations, requiring them to lease facilities in order to provide service to their customers. The solution was a new, highly sustainable campus in Henderson that would consolidate all operations in one company-owned location.

The new award-winning and LEED certified Gold campus consists of six main buildings that provide new equipment, rental equipment, parts, and repair facilities for all Caterpillar equipment. The site is split into three areas to provide these services. The equipment sales and parts warehouse building is sited prominently along St. Rose Parkway and provides an attractive store front for potential customers. The rest of the site is split between the repair facilities housed in four buildings, separated and designed for their specific repair functions, and a rental equipment building that accommodates rentals and maintains construction equipment.

Project Highlights
• 22 large repair bays that have complete coverage by 15-ton bridge cranes to repair any piece of earthmoving equipment.
• 320 geothermal wells to provide consistent heating and cooling for each of the buildings on the campus.
• The sustainable design features of the facility reduce operating energy costs by 40% compared to similar type of facilities.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Site Size

54 acres

Facility Size

267,300 square feet

Construction Cost