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Denton County Transit Authority Bus Operations and Maintenance Facility

Denton, Texas

DCTA’s existing bus operations and maintenance facilities were shared with the City of Denton’s Sanitation Department, The facilities were inadequately sized and unable to support the projected growth in the bus fleet. Maintenance Design Group, as part of the design team, developed the space needs requirements, prepared a site master plan, and developed the functional and equipment requirements for a new facility.

The unique phased project development includes construction of two-thirds of the final maintenance building and initially utilizing a portion of it for administration and operations. As the systems and fleet grows, DCTA will construct a standalone administration and operations building in a location determined during the master planning effort.

The maintenance areas include four maintenance bays. An additional four drive-through bays, a chassis wash bay, and other shop areas will be provided in the final build out. The modern transit bus-friendly service functions (fuel and wash) are incorporated near the bus storage lot to minimize unnecessary site circulation. The site was bisected by a large drainage ditch and high power electrical lines making connection bridges necessary. The final plan includes two bus and one pedestrian bridge across the drainage ditch to access the fleet parking areas.

Project Highlights
• Bus storage area designed for expansion to accommodate up to 30 more buses.
• Facility was designed with the sustainable features and systems.
• The facility configuration allows DCTA to phase the development of the buildings to take advantage of funding as it becomes available.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design Criteria
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

88 buses

Site Size

9.1 acres

Facility Size

31,200 square feet

Construction Cost