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Port of Long Beach Maintenance Facilities

Long Beach, California

Maintenance Design Group was selected as part of the design team to develop a comprehensive master plan, concept design, and final design for the new Harbor Plaza Facilities Development Project. This project originally included a new high-rise administration building and replacement of the Port’s maintenance facilities. However, due to budget constraints, funding was available only to proceed with the most pressing need for a new maintenance facility.

The new maintenance facility remedies many needs for the Port including expanded shops, modern vehicle maintenance area, additional materials storage and adequate training facilities. The new building features welding/fabrication, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting shops. There are five vehicle maintenance bays including three heavy duty bays and two light duty bays, a central warehouse with secure storage, fuel/wash building with an extended canopy for vehicle parking, and external covered materials storage. Some administrative functions and meeting spaces are also included in this building facility.

Project Highlights
• Multi-use building address several shops, vehicle maintenance, training and materials management.
• Secure, covered material storage area allows the Port to consolidate several off-site material yards.
• Dedicated service facilities for all port vehicles.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Facility Needs Assessment
Master Plan/Concept Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Site Size

16 acres

Facility Size

128,500 square feet

Construction Cost