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Redwood National and State Parks Shared Maintenance Facility

Crescent City, California

Redwood National and State Parks are located on the northern coast of California. The National Park Services (NPS) and the California Department of Parks and Recreation (CDPR) identified a critical need for a new maintenance facility at Redwood National and State Parks. The existing NPS facilities, housed on an old Air Force base, were outmoded, in poor condition, on a geologically-unstable site, and were too costly to maintain and remodel. A fire had damaged the former CDPR maintenance facilities. As a result, the NPS and CDPR identified a site near Crescent City as a preferred location for a new, jointly-operated maintenance facility.

The new, shared maintenance facility accommodates Park maintenance offices, shops, and equipment maintenance. Maintenance Design Group, as a subconsultant to a local architect, provided functional facility design as well as equipment selection, layout, and specification for the facility.

Project Highlights
• New shared facility remedied both agencies facility issues.
• Cost savings by sharing shops and equipment that would otherwise need to be provided separately by each agency.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Master Plan/Concept Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Facility Size

26,400 sf

Construction Cost