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TTA Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility

Research Triangle Park, NC

Triangle Transit Authority (TTA) needed to construct a Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility (ROMF) as part of a proposed 35-mile regional rail system to serve the Raleigh/Durham area. To ensure that the ROMF would be ready when the diesel-multiple units began to arrive, a design-build procurement process was planned for the facility while design of the mainline system elements continued.

MDG, in support of the Archer Western Contractors Design/Build Team, led the design team in developing preliminary design and engineering drawings to a level where the contractor could be competitive with pricing. At the same time, MDG presented several ideas that would improve efficiencies in site layout and operating movements, enhance productivity with proper equipment selection and layout, and ease maintenance requirements of the facility through selection of durable and sustainable materials and systems. As a result of collaboration between the design and construction team, the proposed design provided a highly functional, aesthetically-pleasing, and cost effective solution that was selected by the client.

Notable Design Features

  • Flexibility in design to allow for ease of future expansion to 24 DMU married pairs.
  • Sustainable features (daylighting, energy-efficient systems, recycled materials) ” even before LEED.
  • More efficient and safe circulation between employees, vehicles, and trains.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

16 DMU married pairs (initial)

Site Size

21.3 acres

Facility Size

70,000 square feet

Construction Cost