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Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar MSF

Tucson, AZ

The City of Tucson was expanding their downtown modern streetcar system and needed a new maintenance facility to both reduce non-revenue car movements and to service and store the additional vehicles that would be purchased. The site for the maintenance facility was small, triangular, and located alongside existing railroad right of way, creating challenges for accessing the site and efficiently fitting in all the programmatic elements.

Maintenance Design Group provided site circulation, functional layout, and equipment-related design services for the Sun Tran Modern Streetcar Maintenance and Storage Facility. The facility includes a service and inspection position, a lift repair position, and a heavy repair position. The shop area also includes special shops for the rail trucks, pantograph, A/C units, and streetcar washing position. The facility will also include office areas for administrative staff and operations areas for the streetcar operators. The streetcar storage yard will have storage positions for up to nine modern streetcars.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Facility Needs Assessment
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design Criteria
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

9 light rail vehicles

Site Size

2 acres

Facility Size

13,000 square feet

Construction Cost