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Industry Focus

Industry focus means you get the right expertise for your project.

You probably don’t spend your career designing new maintenance facilities. So how do you know what you don’t know?

  • Are you unsure of how much space you need? Are you short on budget?
  • Do you need a site?
  • Are your equipment options overwhelming?

You have a resource. MDG.

  • Data from hundreds of projects combine to give you a Rulebook for Facility Design and tools to help you through the facility design process.
  • Master plans and preliminary designs support project phasing so you can take advantage of both ready and future funds.
  • A structured site selection process helps you choose the best option for both short- and long-term use.
  • Equipment Industrial Design capabilities take the burden of equipment selection off you.

With MDG, you get a partner whose sole business is designing safe, functional, and efficient maintenance facilities. That means you have the most recent knowledge, the broadest experience, and the best expertise working for you.