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Issues and Challenges of Obtaining New Public Works Maintenance and Operations Facilities

The issues and challenges that Public Works leaders face in today’s economic climate are numerous. Recruiting and retaining quality staff, meeting the service expectations of the public, and protecting capital investments in rolling stock all present challenges to all Public Works leaders – even in a good economy. It’s no secret that having quality, efficient, sustainable, safe, and well designed maintenance and operations facilities is key to meeting these challenges head on.

This article will provide insight from two leaders of Maintenance Design Group, Ken Booth and Mark Ellis, who specialize in the planning programming and design of innovative Public Works Maintenance and Operations Facilities. Together the authors will identify key issues and challenges faced by Public Works leaders in providing quality working environments for their maintenance and operations staffs. The authors will provide, via case studies, innovative solutions and insight of how these challenges were met by other Public Works leaders. Some of the possible issues and challenges discussed may include funding scenarios, the importance of pre-design efforts such as Needs Assessment, Site Selection and Master Planning; the selection of an appropriate Design Team, the proper level of involvement in the design process, determining the best project delivery approach, and dealing with contractors effectively.

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State-of-the-Art Transit Facilities

Just a little more than a hundred years ago, America’s public transit was animal-powered. Those old street car barns are now mostly gone-replaced by a new breed of transit maintenance facility, a sleek, efficient, environmentally friendly operation that is as far removed from its ancestor as a contemporary compressed natural gas engine is from old Dobbin (yes, the horse who delivered milk door to door).

For many decades, transit has competed with the private automobile. To attract and retain riders, transit vehicles must be clean, comfortable, and safe-and get passengers to their destination on time. The responsibility of keeping buses, trolleys, and rail cars in top shape rests with the maintenance facility.

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How to Design a Functional Maintenance Facility

A well-designed maintenance facility is key to efficient fleet management.

Designing a maintenance facility is a complex process. Asking the right questions and planning carefully in advance means the fleet administrator will experience a smooth design and construction process that results in a safe, efficient, and positive work environment that will last the life of the facility.

This paper explores those questions and offers some insight into issues specific to maintenance facility design that need to be considered.

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