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AC Transit Division 3 Yard Reactivation

Richmond, California

Maintenance Design Group (MDG) assisted the Design Team in the functional reassessment, re-use, and renovation of the Division 3 (D3) Reactivation for AC Transit. The historic D3 facility was moth-balled in 2011 due to budget cutbacks during the recession at the time. Due to overcrowding of buses at the other facilities, AC Transit determined that they needed to reopen the D3 facility to provide relief for the other facilities.

The project included renovating and re-equipping the existing Operations and
Maintenance Facility, as well as Transit Operations, Maintenance, and Fuel. The existing facility needed to be brought up to code as well. The facility is planned to have a 10 years open lifespan, and the Design Team worked to select and recommend equipment that would not only function efficiently in the D3 facility, but allow for relocation and re-use by AC Transit after D3’s lifespan, ensuring a sound equipment investment.


  • Meeting current code with an older facility in a fiscally responsible manner offered the Team opportunity for innovative solutions
  • An employee parking deck is located on the roof.
Services Provided
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

80 to 100 buses

Site Size

5.3 Acres

Facility Size

45,000 sf

Construction Cost