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Foothill Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility

Arcadia, CA

The Foothill Transit Agency bus fleet was quickly outgrowing its contract-operator, Agency-owned maintenance facility. The facility was aged, energy inefficient, and did not provide modern maintenance amenities to keep the vehicles in a state of good repair. Maintenance Design Group helped the Agency prepare a cost benefit analysis and master plan for the Agency to quantify the operational savings of constructing a new facility that would then be used by the contract-operator.

With funding secured, the plan for the Arcadia Operations and Maintenance Facility was further refined and phase one construction documents were prepared for a facility to house administration, operations, maintenance, and vehicle servicing functions for a 150-bus fleet. The master plan also included room for expansion to accommodate additional maintenance bays, which required the purchase of adjacent property. The property was later obtained and three new drive-through repair bays were built seven years after phase one was complete to service 30 new 60-foot articulated buses. With a proper master plan in place from day one, Foothill Transit was able to expand their service while minimizing any additional cost and time delays associated with moving or reworking buildings on their site.

Notable Design Features:

  • Fueling facility accommodates both CNG and diesel-fueled buses.
  • Future expansion was implemented into design.
  • Facility includes drive-through articulated bus repair bays.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

180 buses

Site Size

14 acres

Facility Size

65,500 square feet

Construction Cost

$12,000,000 - initial facility; $3,000,000 - artic addition