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Aspen/Pitkin County ARFF/SRE Facility

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport needed several improvements mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration and designed to reconfigure airport traffic flow and support service buildings. Part of the improvements included expanding the aircraft apron into the area where the existing Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting/Snow Removal Equipment (ARFF/SRE) Facility was located. Needing a new location for a replacement building, the ARFF/SRE Facility was moved to the west side of the runway to reduce conflicts between aircraft and ground vehicles, and provide better emergency response to the airfield.

With the opportunity for new construction, the Airport decided to create a consolidated facility for ARFF and SRE operations, as well as Airport Administration. This necessitated a multi-level design with creative roof treatments to provide a friendly presence to the surrounding residential neighbors. The facility provides storage and maintenance functions for the airport rescue and snow removal equipment, as well as other administrative vehicles.

Project Highlights
• Employee housing was included as required by the County.
• Successful integration of an industrial facility into the local architectural vernacular, located within view of exclusive surrounding property. The roof takes two forms with a pitched residential shape towards the runway and a low slope, sod roof that reduces the overall massing of the facility as it is viewed from the main county road above the site.
• Direct access to the airfield from the heated storage building for an immediate response time for each piece of service equipment.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

10 vehicles

Site Size

16.8 acres

Facility Size

29,000 square feet

Construction Cost