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Bend Park and Recreation District Services Facility

Bend, Oregon

The Bend Park and Recreation District realized their existing site, facilities, and working conditions did not meet their standards. With the Bend City population growing, the District realized new facilities would be required to meet their needs for supporting increased demand on parks and trails, and to provide better access to maintain the network of parks.

MDG, as part of a comprehensive Design team, undertook a study to evaluate and determine if designated Parks departments could be centrally located at one site. Conducting master planning sessions and space needs programming, MDG and the Team determined that, by centrally locating some Parks departments could increase operational efficiency and working environments. The Design Team also looked at reuse of existing sites and the associated cost savings with that option.


  • The Facilities staff and Design Team determined it would be beneficial to the District and Facilities staff to consolidate shops and storage onto one central site with select satellite buildings as needed.
  • Evaluated multiple sites to determine best site for long-term operations.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Site Selection
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

410 vehicles (2034 Program)

Site Size

10.79 Acres (2034 Program)

Facility Size

325,758 sf (2034 Program)

Construction Cost