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Northshore School District Transportation Center

Bothell, Washington

The Northshore School District (NSD) had outgrown its outdated Transportation Facility that was located in downtown Bothell, Washington. The NSD had a difficult time finding a new site on which to locate the facility to accommodate the 145 bus transportation maintenance and operations. It was thus decided to partner with the City of Bothell to develop a shared maintenance facility in an office park development. The site included existing wetland areas which were relocated to adjacent property in order to facilitate independent site vehicular circulation patterns for both agencies.

The site has one road that provides access to the two operations facilities with a shared maintenance building. The new maintenance facility has vehicle access to both sides of the facility and includes nine bus repair bays for NSD buses and six repair bays for the City of Bothell. Transportation areas for bus drivers are located at the north end of the building and entrance to the site. The project is a model for a successful joint-use maintenance facility and is owned by the NSD.

Project Highlights
• Successful joint-use maintenance facility owned by the NSD.
• Relocated wetland areas to adjacent property to accommodate facility.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

145 buses

Site Size

9 acres

Facility Size

53,700 square feet

Construction Cost