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Boulder County Equipment and Vehicle Fleet Center

Longmont, Colorado

Boulder County’s existing Road & Bridge and Parks & Recreation operations were located at multiple sites in old and inefficient buildings. There was a need for consolidation and change in management practices to improve expenses and efficiency. Following a review of the operational study, Maintenance Design Group developed an architectural space program using information gathered on the existing operations and projected improvements. The study included County vehicle maintenance, vehicle storage, and operational facilities.

Site challenges included planning for long-term build-out, making the best use of the non-developed portions of the property, street upgrades, adjacency to the airport, and a high water table. After the master plan was complete, the team developed the final design for the Parks Department shop and vehicle maintenance building. The vehicle maintenance facility was designed for the County’s diverse light and heavy vehicle fleet and included offices, a bridge crane, welding area, in-ground lifts, and chassis wash. The Parks shop building was designed to provide a multi-purpose shop for vehicle storage, equipment storage, a carpentry shop, and open-faced paint booth.

Project Highlights
• Biomass heating system using wood chips from the County’s forest thinning program to heat the initial and future complex. From the primary wood chip burner and backup boilers, hot water is piped to each of the buildings and also used for melting snow at the building aprons.
• Future development of the site will include large vehicle storage, administration and staff building, fueling island, and sand/salt storage building.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Site Selection
Facility Needs Assessment
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design Criteria
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

400 vehicles

Site Size

45 acres

Facility Size

77,000 square feet

Construction Cost