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City of Louisville City Services Facility Design

Louisville, Colorado

The City of Louisville Public Works, Parks and Open Space, Streets, Facilities Maintenance, and Fleet Maintenance was operating from tight quarters for the last 35 years in a facility that was designed to last 25 years. The initial plan was to rebuild a new Service Center on the existing City Service Center site and re-grade the entire site to develop a shop and office building as well as the ancillary structures for vehicle storage and materials storage. However, after several attempts to fit the nine acres of facility requirements onto the 6 acre site they decided to pursue a new site in the nearby Colorado Technology Center (CTC).

The new site is able to accommodate the City’s needs far into the future. However, the design of the facility had to meet the stringent design standards and guidelines of the CTC. The design guidelines required that all overhead doors and vehicles be screened from the adjacent property and roads. The new shop and office/administrative buildings are designed for a 50 year life span, and also include two heated vehicle storage buildings, a fuel island, and solid de-ice storage building. Storage of seasonal equipment will remain on the old site.

Project Highlights
• Heated floors for the Shop Areas.
• Heated Storage for Parks and Street Maintenance Equipment.
• Sustainable Facilities that are benchmarked against the LEED Silver equivalent.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

113 vehicles and equipment

Site Size

9 acres

Facility Size

46,550 square feet

Construction Cost

$10,500,000 (estimated)