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City of Loveland Public Works Facility

Loveland, Colorado

The Loveland Public Works Facility is a phase of a 1980’s master plan for the City’s Service Center that recently received funding. The Public Works operations, including Solid Waste, Storm Water Maintenance, and Street Maintenance, were operating inefficiently from multiple sites throughout the City.

The new consolidated facility, located on acreage at the City’s Service Center site, has heated bays to protect equipment from freezing temperatures and enable the snow plow fleet to be ready quickly in a snow storm event. With shared resources and closer proximity and facilities, departments are able to communicate better and meet when needed. City staff can clean the debris from their vehicles after a storm event in the wash bays. The street repair shop is designed with a crane that allows lifting of heavy components. Designed for sustainability, and LEED certified, the City now has a more energy efficient building.

Project Highlights
• Wash rack has dual use of washing equipment and staging plow trucks to prepare for a winter storm.
• Facility is LEED certified.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

141 vehicles

Site Size

27 acres

Facility Size

77,178 square feet

Construction Cost