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City of Olympia Public Works Feasibility Study

Olympia, Washington

The City of Olympia desired to centralize municipal operations (including Parks and Recreation) onto a local site. With a dearth of available property in the Olympia area, finding a site for consolidated operations and maintenance was a challenge. MDG, as part of a comprehensive Study Team, was engaged to assist the City with relocating and designing this new consolidated facility.  The Team examined site options, and focused on the original site. This site, however, was not without challenges.  The site was very sloped, and contained wetlands that required careful consideration. The Team investigated options to find innovative solutions to these challenging issues including site issues, along with cost restrictions, and a limited site size. By finding relocation options for departments, such as the Waste ReSources, at a satellite site to help some space issues.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

191 vehicles

Site Size

11.7 acres

Facility Size

180,600 sf

Construction Cost

$68.6M (est.)