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City of Saskatoon Civic Operations Centre

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

As part of the City of Saskatoon’s green initiative, the City and Saskatoon Transit wished to expand their services to increase transit ridership by providing more buses and making public transportation more attractive to residents. In order to meet this goal, the City needed space to expand their current operations space. HDR | MDG, as part of a comprehensive P3 Design Team, led by EllisDon, participated in the design of Phase I of the new Civic Operations Center (COC). The new COC includes a new Transit Facility as well as a Snow Management Facility.

The centralized 450,000 square foot facility includes indoor bus storage for 224 buses, two Quick Service fueling and wash lanes, 29 maintenance bays, equipment and parts storage, as well as administrative offices. The facility design focused on sustainability, achieving LEED certification.

The City has also proposed a Phase II for the project, which, if approved, will include a City Yard, vehicle and equipment services facility, radio shop, impound yard, Fire Department training facilities, and Saskatoon Light and Power t raining facilities.

Project Highlights
• Interior drive aisle means buses never have to leave the building for servicing or maintenance during cold weather months.
• Project designed, built, and maintained through the next 25 years through a public-private partnership (P3).

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

Current: 162 buses, Future: 200 buses

Site Size

180 acres

Facility Size

210,000 sm

Construction Cost

CA $135,000,000 (estimated)