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City of Springfield Downtown Bus Transit Station

Springfield, Missouri

The City Utilities, the transit provider for Springfield, needed a new transfer facility to replace their current transfer facility, which was becoming too small to accommodate their customer’s needs and did not fit in with the growing downtown aesthetic. They decided to develop something new that would focus on providing a safe, efficient environment, while matching the modern look of the surrounding area.

As part of a comprehensive design team, Maintenance Design Group (MDG) provided planning and design services for a new downtown transfer facility that will be a hub for multiple modes of transportation for downtown Springfield. The new facility will accommodate loading/unloading berths for up to 14 bus routes, taxi-stands, and possible future connections by other providers.

The new facility will include covered bus berths, real-time digital route and schedule information displays, offices, driver relief areas and amenities, bus passes/ticket sales, a passenger waiting/warming area, a large meeting room, and employee parking. The outside area of the station is designed for maximum visibility, efficiency, and convenience. The unique sloped design of the canopies in the waiting area will also help to cut down on the noise from the vehicles, allowing the noise to travel up and out, while also allowing rain water to run off into collection systems and rain gardens.

Project Highlights
• Designed to enhance and complement surrounding development activities in the area.
• Planned with an emphasis on safety for pedestrians, passengers, and employees.
• Sustainable design features such as rain water collection system with rain harvest water garden, renewable energy system, and recycled materials.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Master Plan/Concept Design
Facility Size

4,476 square feet

Construction Cost