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City of West Sacramento Corporation Yard

West Sacramento, California

The City of West Sacramento conduced an analysis of its fleet management practices, and determined that they needed to consolidate all fleet maintenance into a new corporation yard facility. Public Works Operations, including Parks, Street Sweeping, Police, and Fire fleets were to be considered in design of the new facility.

Maintenance Design Group (MDG), as part of a comprehensive Design Team, was selected to provide planning, design, and construction support for the new Corporate Yard. During preliminary design, MDG and the Team verified existing programming and provided a comprehensive space needs program for the new facility and site. The Team also provided building plans for the new facility, as well as assisted in the creation of Bridging Documents, wherein MDG evaluated shop equipment and discussed new equipment needs with West Sacramento staff.


  • The Fleet Building will be expandable to address budget concerns in the initial construction.
  • The adjacent site offers space for additional acreage and growth.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design/Build Bridging Documents
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

170 vehicles

Site Size

10 acres; Expansion to 14 acres

Facility Size

55,278 sf

Construction Cost