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City Utilities Transit Bus Storage and Maintenance Facilities

Springfield, Missouri

CU Transit, the provider of transportation services to the citizens of Springfield, Missouri, was housed in aging, inadequate facilities. They lacked heated bus storage and the ability to accommodate newer 40 foot buses in the maintenance bays. In addition, fueling, fare recovery and bus wash facilities were outdoors and required CU Transit staff to make difficult, unsafe turns and to queue on the surrounding streets while awaiting service. Maintenance Design Group provided master planning and design services to address these operational issues as well as provided assistance on how to revitalize and integrate a 100-year-old historic building into the new campus.

These new modern facilities give CU Transit the ability to securely store up to 40 full size transit buses in a heated indoor storage facility. Interior bus storage has proven to extend the life of the transit fleet while also reducing overall maintenance costs. The bus storage facility is minimally heated by a combination of an efficient hydronic radiant floor heating system and a high efficiency exhaust ventilation system. Together, these two systems provide the most cost effective method of heating the space and while simultaneously venting exhaust fumes.

The new fueling, fare recovery and bus wash facilities allow CU Transit to keep all bus movements related to storage, refueling, and washing on the campus and in a safe counterclockwise flow. The new facilities also included utility truck fueling and parking, and upgrades to the maintenance facilities to accommodate future 40 foot transit buses.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Facility Needs Assessment
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

34 transit buses, 6 paratransit/mini buses

Site Size

4 acres

Facility Size

87,7000 square feet

Construction Cost