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Eagle County Maintenance Service Center

Eagle, CO

The Eagle County Regional Transportation Authority (Eco) and Road & Bridge Department (ECR&B) both had a need for new maintenance facilities due to the age of their existing buildings and the growth experienced in this Rocky Mountain community. Eco provided commuter transportation service with a diesel bus fleet, while ECR&B employed a range of trucks and equipment to provide road repair and maintenance, including nine snow plow trucks. Through the programming and master plan process, it was determined that a joint use facility could most efficiently address the needs of both agencies while maintaining critical separation between certain operational functions. Thus the Maintenance Service Center includes administrative and operations offices, vehicle maintenance, and heated vehicle storage was designed to work for both county agencies.

Notable Design Features:

  • Drive-through heated bus parking.
  • Interior heated diesel fuel lane for buses.
  • A lower-level work area (a full basement to gain easy access to the vehicle undercarriage) was designed into maintenance bay areas.
  • Site master planned for future expansion.
  • Shared facility for transit and municipal operations.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

24 buses, 80 trucks

Site Size

14.2 acres

Facility Size

89,600 square feet

Construction Cost