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Fairfax Connector Reston-Herndon Operating Facility

Herndon, Virginia

The existing Reston-Herndon Operating facility was out of date and required
updates to both the exterior site and interior space as well as some systems
in order to meet current requirements and increase efficiency. Maintenance
Design Group (MDG), as part of a comprehensive design group, was tasked
with the planning, design, and renovation of the facility, with an emphasis on
accommodating for future growth.

MDG provided a phased approach to the facility renovation in order to allow
operations to continue as normal throughout the construction process. The
new design includes realignment of the bus and non-revenue parking areas, an
update to the interior layout of the facility, as well as asphalt paving, concrete
site work, and upgraded flooring throughout the facility. The new facility will also
include upgrades to site lighting, increased parts storage efficiency, and new inground lifts in place of the old above-ground lifts.

The current facility includes administration, maintenance, and operations
functions, but the departments’ needs are quickly outgrowing the space. MDG
determined the best solution was to enclose an adjacent 2,600-square-foot
covered area currently located on the site in order to provide more space as well
as increase operational efficiency for the various departments.

Project Highlights
• Phased design allows operations to continue uninterrupted.
• New facility offers a more comfortable and efficient environment for

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design Criteria
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

80 buses with capacity for 100 buses

Site Size

5.5 acres

Facility Size

31,800 sf

Construction Cost

$4,500,000 (est.)