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Iron Horse Transit and Public Works Operations Facility

Park City, Utah

The Park City transit system is anticipated to expand significantly in the coming years. To accommodate this growth, maintenance, operations, and bus storage capacity needed to expand as well. Park City received federal funding to expand its transit operation at their existing facility on Iron Horse Drive. This site also houses the City’s public works facilities.

The facility expansion included enlarging the maintenance building and a new heated bus storage facility with space for 44 buses. A 90-vehicle parking deck was included in the project to accommodate employee vehicles and some of the City’s fleet vehicles. The construction of the expansion was phased to allow both City and Transit operations to continue without interruption on this site.

Project Highlights
• Employee parking is on a deck above the bus parking and wash facilities.
• Construction occurred during the winter and was successfully coordinated around the existing operations.
• Fueling operations were moved to the site to alleviate issues with off-site fueling.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Site Selection
Facility Needs Assessment
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

58 buses, 213 City vehicles

Site Size

5.1 acres

Facility Size

34,800 sf

Construction Cost