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City of Kansas City Singleton Yard Streetcar Facility

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri wanted a downtown streetcar starter rail line to improve mobility and help spur economic growth. The challenge, however, was building a streetcar maintenance facility. Adequate property was unavailable along the rail alignment. The only parcel was roughly two acres, and had a 30-foot slope.

Initially, the concept involved excavating 90% of the site and using costly retaining walls and systems. This concept would have left the bay doors facing north, meaning increased yard track and a 90-degree turn-in. Administration and operations was also buried at the lower level, with little natural daylighting.

The design team studied alternatives, utilizing an interactive design charrette, and developed a concept to rotate the facility 90 degrees and push it completely to the north property line. With this design, the sloping nature of the property was used as an advantage. The maintenance areas are now at grade and administration/operations moved to a second level.

Overall, this concept was less costly and lowered the overall budget requirement for the project while improving access and function. This new orientation allowed the bike path and commuter rail right of ways to be maintained and allowed for future expansion of the facility. It also minimized track lead-in work and yard storage track as MDG identified a way to route track around bridge structures.

Project Highlights
• Project is being designed to meet LEED Gold certification.
• Design capitalizes on sloping nature of the site to provide more efficient access and reduce project costs.
• Successful site and neighborhood integration with multi-use possibilities.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Design/Build Bridging Documents
Fleet Size

4 streetcars, up to 12

Site Size

2 acres

Facility Size

19,800 square feet

Construction Cost

$12,000,000 (est.)