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LA Metro Division 13 Maintenance Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility

Los Angeles, California

The LA Metro Division 13 Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility stands as one of the most advanced transit facilities in the nation. With a goal of accommodating and replacing aging maintenance facilities in the Metro system with state-of-the-art buildings that cost less to operate and maintain,  Maintenance Design Group led a multi-disciplined design team that took on the challenge of coordinating an urban, multi-level facility while incorporating as many technologically-advanced and sustainable features as viably possible.

From energy-producing photovoltaic panels on the roof to light reflective sealed and hardened floors, every aspect was engineered to provide the most benefit to Metro for many years to come. Many materials specified in construction are regionally sourced and/or have a high recycled content. Attention has been paid to the use of potable water with an exemplary system of stormwater reclamation and reuse for bus operations and washing, and low-maintenance native vegetation.

With a cleaner future in mind, this facility was designed to house a completely CNG-fueled fleet. The most advanced technologies in CNG fueling have been incorporated for bus fueling as well as for the general public at an adjacent “green fuels” station in anticipation of the growing number of alternative energy vehicles being made available.  LA Metro Division 13 will stand as a model facility to all transit agencies on the incorporation of innovation and emerging technology in transit facilities.

Project Highlights
• Designed as a candidate for LEED Gold certification with specification of regionally sourced and high recycled content materials, a green roof, and building integrated photovoltaic panels.
• Multi-story employee and bus parking structure to address urban setting.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

200 45-foot CNG buses

Site Size

7.4 acres

Facility Size

520,000 square feet

Construction Cost