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Lane Transit District Fleet Services Facility Expansion

Eugene, Oregon

The Lane Transit District (LTD) Fleet Services Facility was originally built to
maintain approximately 135 standard size (40-foot) buses. With the addition
of 60-foot articulated buses for BRT, the facility needed larger bays to properly
service and maintain those buses. Additionally, the facility needed to expand
to accommodate the projected bus fleet of 158 buses, including the articulated
BRT and other articulated buses by the year 2013.

The facility expansion required Lane Transit and the Contractor to work around
the construction. The facility now has three fully drive-through bays to maintain the articulated buses without having to back the buses for maintenance.

Maintenance Design Group was responsible for space programming, site master planning, facility conceptual design, and equipment section, specification, and layout.

Project Highlights
• Three larger, fully drive-through bays to maintain articulated buses
• Built in response to BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

158 Buses

Facility Size

64,000 sf

Construction Cost