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MARTA Brady Mobility Facility

Atlanta, Georgia

The new MARTA Brady Mobility facility, procured through design/build, accommodates the administrative functions, operations, and maintenance needs for MARTA’s entire fleet of Mobility vehicles (specialized vans and cutaway buses). It is a model of modern transit operations and maintenance design and technology. It is safe, functional, easy to maintain, and significantly more energy efficient as a LEED Silver facility.

With maintenance functions on the first floor and administration operations functions on the second floor in the same building, they each have separate and defined pedestrian circulation. Bus operator and maintenance staff circulation will occur with minimum cross conflicts, improving the overall safety of site operations while maximizing operational efficiency.

Physically, the design creates a distinct landmark presence on Brady Avenue. MARTA will be able to continue to execute their customer-focused mission from a facility that expresses longevity, durability, and forward-thinking design. As this building is constructed on the site of the existing facility, construction will be performed in seven phases to maintain normal operations.

Project Highlights
• 100% demolition and replacement of existing facilities,increasing bus and staff parking and doubling the size of administration, operations, and maintenance.
• LED fixtures employed for 100% of exterior and interior lighting, coupled with natural lighting, white interior walls, and light reflective floors to maximize efficiency, safety, and worker productivity.
• Palletized stacking storage system, vertical tire carousel, and high density storage systems reduce the overall space needed for parts storage allowing a reduction in the total building area and an increase in operational efficiency and safety.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Master Plan/Concept Design
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

200 buses

Site Size

11 acres

Facility Size

78,200 square feet

Construction Cost

$38,200,000 (est.)