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Oklahoma City Modern Streetcar Storage and Maintenance Facility

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City identified the need for a streetcar, which provides efficient transportation. To accommodate this new streetcar system, a storage and maintenance facility was required. In the initial project process, 13 sites around Oklahoma City were identified as potential locations for the Storage & Maintenance Facility (S&MF) A set of evaluation criteria was developed reviewing alignment, facility program requirements, urban adaptability and real estate acquisition, and applied to each of these sites. As a result of this study, a site located at the south end of Hudson Avenue was selected. With this site, the Design Team had to carefully consider design aspects to ensure the S&MF would meet the neighborhood look and feel.

HDR | Maintenance Design Group, as part of the Design Team, helped plan and design the Oklahoma City Streetcar S&MF, bringing significant streetcar facility design experience to the project.

Administrative, operational, and minor maintenance functions take place at the facility during typical working hours, while heavier repair work and cleaning take place at night. The facility includes two enclosed bays for maintenance and a covered bay for cleaning and washing vehicles and storing materials. The facility accommodates for future fleet growth as well.


  • The design complements the history of the area allowing for future growth in the area.
  • Designed to accommodate five streetcar vehicles, the S&MF has the capability of future expansion.
  • Located close to downtown and the new municipal park.
  • The acquired additional parcel of land allows for future expansion and/or additional parking.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

5 streetcars (initial) 12 streetcars (future)

Site Size

3.3 acres

Facility Size

20,000 sf

Construction Cost