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Redondo Beach Transit Center

Redondo Beach, California

The Redondo Beach Transit Center, located at the Galleria at South Bay, is proposed to be a multi-modal transfer station that includes development components for pedestrians, car parking, kiss-and-ride, bus, and train. The location is a key point in the greater Los Angeles area and provides a link to transit systems from surrounding cities as well as a large shopping destination. The site has opportunities for transit-oriented development (TOD) that include a multi-story office project, convenience shopping, and travel options with a future commuter rail train station.

The project has 14 bus berths that are scheduled to replace the existing eight bus berths at the current facility located on Kingsdale Avenue near the mall parking structure. The new facility will also have two berths capable of accommodating articulated buses. The transit center will mainly be served by LA Metro buses, but also includes buses from Torrance Transit, Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, Lawndale Beat, and Beach Cities Transit.

The project was conceptually planned as a phased development by Maintenance Design Group, as a subconsultant to a local architect, while part of an overall master plan for the City of Redondo Beach. The first phase is the transit center with a surface parking lot, the second phase a bus operations and maintenance facility, and the third phase a three-level parking and mixed-use transit-oriented development.

Project Highlights
• Expanded number of bus berths, and ability to accommodate articulated buses.
• Publicly funded transit center will spur influx of privately funded transit-oriented development.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Site Selection
Facility Needs Assessment
Master Plan/Concept Design
Facility Size

68,600 square feet