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Regina Public Works Facilities Master Plan

Regina, SK

The City of Regina was looking to provide modern facilities for their Public Works Department. The Department is currently at 11 different sites and sought to both consolidate some facilities and evaluate whether new satellite locations were needed to improve the operation of the department. The woes of their existing collection of facilities were as many as they were diverse, including inefficient use of staff, a large quantity of expensive deadhead miles, and the fact that almost every current facility had been adaptively reused from old fire stations, warehouses, metalworking shops, and even a car manufacturing plant. This being the case, most facilities were not well-suited to provide the required functions and the existing central yard could not expand any further. These conditions made the case for finding a new property to accommodate existing central yard functions, as well as Fleet Operations, Roadway Preservation, Environmental Engineering, Water and Sewer Engineering, Solid Waste Collection, Utility Billing, Asphalt Production and Field Services, and Technical Services. MDG provided extensive programming and master planning services which focused on alleviating the space planning problems and determined the most efficient Public Works operations possible with the aid of co-location.

Notable Design Features:

  • The consolidated facility provides heated vehicle storage for the City’s major equipment.
  • Locating supervisor and field crew areas directly above the vehicles and equipment facilitated efficient communication between these groups.
  • Consolidating operations onto one site established better communication between Public Works engineering and operations departments.
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design Criteria
Fleet Size

840 vehicles

Site Size

31 acres

Facility Size

198,900 square feet, 18,400 square meters