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Salt Lake County Fleet Facility Expansion

Midvale, Utah

Salt Lake County was migrating to a CNG-powered solid waste truck fleet which,  due to code and the current undersized bays, would not be able to be serviced in their existing heavy duty truck shop. In addition, the County’s current light duty truck functions and parts storage were inefficiently scattered throughout several different buildings.

The heavy duty fleet facility expansion is designed to service the CNG-powered trucks in new wider bays affording easy access to maintain the automated side loading equipment on the trucks. It also features drive-thru lower level maintenance bays, and a high density storage system (Vertical Lift Module) in the parts room, which reduces the overall space requirements of the building.

Subsequently, the former heavy duty truck shop is being converted to the light duty truck shop, consolidating these former scattered shops into one convenient location.

Project Highlights
• Consolidated both heavy duty and light duty maintenance into one expanded facility.
• New CNG-powered vehicles able to be safely and efficiently serviced.
• Vertical Lift Module in parts room provides overall space savings and ease of parts retrieval.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Fleet Size

620 heavy duty vehicles and equipment

Site Size

2.7 acres

Facility Size

40,500 sf

Construction Cost