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Santa Clara County Fleet Management Facility

San Jose, California

Santa Clara County had multiple issues with their Fleet Management facilities. The below-grade, light vehicle repair facility periodically flooded. Four different sites for vehicle maintenance proved difficult to manage. Many of the older facilities were not able to be upgraded. In addition, the high cost of land and relative scarcity of property large enough, made fleet management consolidation a challenge.

MDG began with a long-term programming task to determine the optimum size for a consolidated facility. The programming effort was followed by a site selection process that took several years and evaluated five different sites. The sites analyzed included vacant sites and existing buildings. A site with an existing structure suitable for renovation was finally selected since it met basic requirements and fit the County’s budget.

MDG joined the design team for the remodel to create a new facility to house the vehicle maintenance operations for Fleet Management, Emergency Services, and Police Transportation Department. The new facility features internal drive aisles, a welding shop. tire carousel. chassis wash. above-grade fuel island, loading dock and interior parts room, dynamometer shop and an alignment rack.

Project Highlights
• Adaptive re-use of existing building.
• Consolidation of multiple sites.

Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Site Selection
Facility Needs Assessment
Master Plan/Concept Design
Design Criteria
Final Design
Equipment Industrial Design
Construction Administration
Fleet Size

300 vehicles

Site Size

7 acres

Facility Size

71,000 square feet

Construction Cost