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Transbay Temporary Terminal

San Francisco, CA

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority needed to relocate the existing bus transfer operations from the Transbay Terminal to allow its demolition to make way on the site for the new multi-modal Transbay Transit Center. As this project won’t be completed until 2017, a temporary terminal was designed with the help of MDG on an underutilized parcel at Howard and Main Streets.

The temporary terminal is located on a single city block and consists of 18 bus berths for transit agency use as well as eight Greyhound berths. This included passenger boarding and support facilities for a multitude of local agencies including Greyhound Lines, AC Transit, Muni, Golden Gate Transit, WestCAT and SamTrans. Maintenance Design Group developed the site layout and a design report narrative for the temporary terminal as well as reviewing the documents at the schematic design and design development phases.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority website with news about this terminal can be accessed here.

A brochure highlighting features of this terminal can be seen here.

An Atlantic Cities article about the joy of transit and featuring a rendering of this facility can be seen here.

Notable Design Features

  • Full-scale peak hour simulation of the site with all agency vehicles at Alameda Naval Air Station.
  • Bi-directional flow and large center island facilitates maximum capacity and minimal pedestrian crossings.
  • Bus berths and staging designed for standard and articulated buses.
Services Provided
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

26 berths

Facility Size

43,560 square feet

Construction Cost