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SFTMA Facility Assessment and Workspace Plan Study

San Francisco, California

SFMTA currently has numerous coaches, trolley, rail, and paratransit facilities ranging in age from over 100 years old to newly completed facilities. With a plan to increase transit fleets to meet growing transportation demands, SFMTA will, by 2025, have 55 more motor and trolley coaches and 12 more light rail vehicles than can fit in its current facilities, with the vehicle numbers increasing over the years. In addition, to its oldest transit facilities (Potrero, Presidio, and Kirkland), all multi-level facilities situated in an urban environment. These facilities require updating to meet modern needs and are facing the end of their useful life as efficient, safe facilities.

HDR | MDG participated in facility tours and workshops in order to assist in the development and refinement of an assessment of bus and rail facilities. Along with the Team, HDR | MDG conducted an intensive, interactive charrette with SFMTA. The charrette resulted in several concepts for Potrero as well as concepts for MME, which will serve as a swing space during reconstruction of Potrero and Presidio, as well as a future paint and boy shop for SFMTA’s bus and rail fleet. The primary tasks were to identify master planning level programmatic requirements as input to a facility upgrade and expansion planning document.


  • Graphics “test fit” site master plans that address facility needs were developed
Services Provided
Preliminary Design
Space Needs Program
Master Plan/Concept Design
Fleet Size

190 vehicles

Site Size

Portero: 4.4 acres MME: 4 acres

Facility Size

Potrero: 256,000 sf MME: 205,800 sf