Public Transit Saves 865 Million Hours of Delay

According to a Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) report, 498 U.S. urban areas saved 865 million hours of delay in congested traffic and 450 million gallons of gasoline by using public transportation. The report, 2012 Urban Mobility Report,noted without public transportation, the cost of congestion would have increased from 1 billion to 2 billion, as noted by the American Public Transportation Association.

MDG has an office in Baltimore, which is one of the cities in the top 10 in terms of hours delay saved. (Two-thirds of Baltimore MDG employees take public transportation to work regularly.)

President & CEO Michael Melaniphy of the American Public Transportation Association says “this report serves as further evidence that Congress needs to find the funding mechanism to support a long-term surface transportation bill that will increase public transportation service and ensure that our infrastructure needs are met.”

You can find the full report from TTI on their website.