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Final Design

The Final Design process enables you to systematically take the design delivered in Preliminary Design, incorporate more definition and detail, and develop construction documents in preparation for the general contractor bidding process. Final Design includes:

Design Development — The schematic design is further defined to include more architectural and engineering details. Additional Equipment Industrial Design requirements are developed, including equipment layout drawings and draft specifications.

Equipment Industrial Design – Proper equipment layout directly contributes to your operational efficiency; as such, you want to ensure you have experts on your team who know what they’re doing when it comes to equipment layout. This is particularly true if you are moving equipment from your old facility to your new one. MDG accounts for each piece of equipment, documents where it will be located in your new facility, and ensures all utility requirements are addressed so that it transitions seamlessly to your new space.

Construction Documents — The design is finalized, resulting in documents for contractor bidding and construction.

Throughout this process, MDG works with your design teams to ensure maintenance facility-specific features, such as floor finishes, overhead door technology, compressed air systems, fluid distribution systems, cranes, fueling systems, wash systems, and paint booths are properly incorporated into the building. Getting these details right can greatly improve the success of your project, so it is important to accurately address them during design.