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Post Construction and Facility Management

Your ability to fully utilize your new or renovated facility and develop a plan to keep it in a state of good repair throughout its life are critical to realizing an immediate return on investment and ensuring you have a safe, functional, and efficient facility at minimal cost long-term. You can rely on MDG for the following services:

Facility Maintenance Plans – These roadmaps, for new or existing buildings, help you proactively care for your facility, incorporate facility maintenance into your annual budget, and avoid costly surprises. Facility maintenance plans significantly decrease the long-term investment required to keep your facility functioning at its best.

Facility Orientation – Partnering with MDG, you can quickly up-skill facility users on new equipment, facility features, and streamlined processes, increasing productivity from the first day.

Record Drawings – MDG updates record drawings to incorporate any design changes made during construction.

Warranty Reviews – Prior to expiration of the one-year warranty period, MDG conducts an eleven-month warranty review and identifies issues to be addressed by the contractor.

Using the processes MDG has established post-construction gives you the peace of mind that your facility will not only function superbly when you move in, but will continue to provide lasting efficiency, productivity, and safety for many years to come.