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Preliminary Design

A strong Preliminary Design process sets the direction for your facility project. During this phase, MDG gathers information and data to better understand the needs of all facility stakeholders and users. This information guides the creation of site and building plans in partnership with architecture and engineering teams. Preliminary Design encompasses:

Programming – Your space and functional requirements are defined through interviews and an operational analysis. These requirements are delineated in a detailed space needs program.

Site Selection – The most appropriate site is identified, based on your functional and operational needs, through a multi-tiered evaluation and ranking process.

Master Planning – Programmatic requirements begin to be applied to the site, providing the roadmap to ensure optimal operating efficiency. A design charrette streamlines this process and ensures input from key stakeholders.

Conceptual Design – Detailed floor plans, as defined in the space needs program, are created within each building’s footprint. A design charrette secures buy-in from stakeholders early in the process, gaining consensus early.

Schematic Design – The detailed floor plans, which are two-dimensional designs, are progressed to three-dimensional designs, preliminary equipment requirements are documented, and design criteria are established.

At this point, you have a solid foundation upon which your facility design will be built. This is also the point where these documents can be used as design/build bridging documents.