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Are you struggling with finding the right partner to make your project a success, a partner that can take on a little – or a lot? Get the services, knowledge, and expertise you need from a small, flexible team that also just happens to be the industry leader in maintenance facility design.

  • Preliminary Design

    A strong Preliminary Design process sets the direction for your facility project. During this phase, MDG gathers information and data to better understand the needs of all facility stakeholders and users.

  • Final Design

    The Final Design process enables you to systematically take the design delivered in Preliminary Design, incorporate more definition and detail, and develop construction documents in preparation for the general contractor bidding process.

  • Bidding and Construction

    The Bidding and Construction process is when the lines on plans become walls, walkways, and windows and your design becomes a fully functional facility.

  • Post Construction and Facility Management

    Your ability to fully utilize your new or renovated facility and develop a plan to keep it in a state of good repair throughout its life are critical to realizing an immediate return on investment.